Salmon in the Trees  tells the remarkable story of the Tongass rain forest, where trees grow salmon, and salmon grow trees. Fringing the coastal panhandle of Alaska and covering thousands of islands in the Alexander Archipelago, the Tongass is one of the rarest ecosystems on Earth. Humpback whales, orcas, and sea lions cruise the forested shorelines. Millions of wild salmon swim upstream into the forest, feeding an abundance of bears and bald eagles. Native cultures and local communities benefit from the gifts of both the forest and sea.

But the global demands of our modern world may threaten this great forestís biological riches. With camera and rain gear in hand, photographer Amy Gulick paddled and trekked among the bears, misty islands, and salmon streams to document the intricate connections within the Tongass. Along the way, she met bush pilots, fishermen, guides, and artists. Together with essays from noted authors, as well as salmon-spawned illustrations by Alaskan artist Ray Troll, Gulick portrays a hopeful story of a national treasure worth preserving.

Featuring essays and audio from: Carl Safina, Douglas Chadwick, Brad Matsen, Richard Nelson, John Straley, Ray Troll, John Schoen, Rosita Worl, and Richard Carstensen.

A great achievement in environmental photography and ecology, this book dramatically illustrates that not only have we not seen the forest for the trees, we also haven't understood the salmon, bears, and other interconnected parts of the natural world that we depend on."
        Gary Braasch, author of Secrets of the
        Old Growth Forest
and Earth Under Fire